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A path-breaking business magazine reporting on major business trends, talent management strategies, and need-to-know developments impacting executive recruitment, retention, and human capital.


CTPartners Ahead of the Curve Series discusses what’s happening behind the scenes in various markets.

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CTPartners Trend Talk Series features interviews with consultants & experts about regional talent markets and current trends.


Learn about in-depth marketplace intelligence and state-of-the-art insights into leadership strategies, challenges, and opportunities throughout the global business community.


Featuring interviews with CTPartners consultants, CTP-TV is filmed around the globe and focuses on various topics highlighting our experience, insider access, marketplace knowledge and ability to deliver exceptional results.

Stats Defined

We are the only retained executive search firm to track and publish the key quality metrics that drive success in our business, and to have these metrics examined by an independent registered public accounting firm.


It's not enough to simply fill the seat. 

Whether the focus is on the C-Suite, senior management, or the Board, it is mission-critical at CTPartners to make placements quickly, with executives who are right for the job and likely to “stick” over time. As the only executive search firm to audit and publish its results, CTPartners is committed to accountability and transparency. With an outstanding global network and expertise in financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, professional services, consumer and retail, technology, media and telecom, board advisory services, and more, CTPartners is redefining the executive search paradigm. One search at a time.

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